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About Us


Sam Kustel, Founding Baker

Sam grew up exploring the misty redwood forests of Northern California and has always been drawn to people, new experiences, and delicious, nurturing food. His passion for baking was sparked at sea, where he baked his first loaf aboard a small sailing boat in the Pacific Ocean. From that first loaf he knew the science, creativity, and feeling of community that went into each bake was his calling. He began an apprenticeship baking at the Parkside in Stinson Beach, learning the ways and nuances of sourdough.  The next stop for Sam was High Tide bakery and cafe in Taranaki, New Zealand, focusing on creating a welcoming gathering space for the local community as well as tasty bakery treats. Now back in his home state of California, Sam is excited to explore his new venture, Grandview Baking–a home kitchen providing traditional gluten-free sourdough loaves and bagels to the local community. Outside of work, Sam has immersed himself in Encinitas life spending his time surfing the bluffs, practicing yoga with friends, and seeing as many sunsets as possible with his dog, Norah.

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